Knowing the unknown

The battle was being fought on my behalf, that God had taken over. Those signs I ignored, began to strengthen. In my mind, these signs were due to post-partum. So one day, at home before bed I began combing through my hair and I noticed how much my texture had changed and how bad it was shedding, but then again I was thinking this all due to post-partum. Not knowing that these signs were pushing me towards getting an examination. Time progressed and this spot began to enlarge.

After realizing that this spot had gotten bigger and talking to my husband and mother about it, it was time to get it checked out, to know what was the unknown I had been battling for months now. I called my OBGYN and was scheduled to come in that day. After seeing the Nurse Practioner, and being examined by her, it was still unknown of what this spot could possibly be. I was then ordered to see a radiologist and get an ultrasound. 

The radiologist tech and the radiologist could not seem to understand or know what this spot was as well. So then I was set up to see the best breast surgeon in the Middle Georgia area and from then my life changed. After meeting the breast surgeon, I knew that whatever this spot could be, it would be removed, I would be fine, and that I was in God's hands. A needle biopsy was performed to get some samples to get an idea of what this spot could be and what was my body trying to tell me of what was happening. The needle biopsy results came back and it was a lactation that was assumed. Two weeks later, a biopsy was performed and a week later the results were back the unknown was about to be known. The unknown was DCIS Breast Cancer Stage 0 and non-invasive. 

All I could think about was what was going to happen to me, my family, and all of the big plans I had for the year of 2020. I felt like all hope was gone, my dreams were shattered, and I could not gone on. Hopelessness had set in and the misery began to overcrowd anything positivity in my life. It is funny how much power we give the enemy in our moments of trails and tribulations by God. I had to realize that my God is bigger than any trials and tribulations I could ever face. So I let God have his way. I was healed and the battle was in God's Hands. So the journey of becoming a Survivor On Purpose began.  

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