Life Before Survivor On Purpose

    Life seemed to be going in a cruising speed at a speed limit full of bliss. In the year of 2019, my long-term boyfriend and I had gotten married, and months later, we welcomed our baby boy, as well as the completion of my Masters Degree in Science Education.

   Nothing seemed to be better, than being a wife, a mom, and Master's degree graduate. My life had been mapped out for the year of 2020, but little did I know that my plans did not outweigh the plans that God had in store. September of 2019, as I began to transition myself off of maternity leave, and back to teaching.

   A week before headed back to work, I felt something that was going to change my life forever. This thing that I felt was a small knot no bigger than the size of a lima bean, did not hurt or feel discomforting at any time. I called my mother who is a Registered Nurse, and wanted to know what I needed to do, because fear had already set in. My mother stated that if the knot was discomforting or painful, I needed to go get it checked out immediately and I reassured my mother that it was not discomforting or painful, so she thought it may have been the milk drying up from breastfeeding my baby boy.

   Months had passed and this same knot was still there, but increasing in size, but being in this same bliss, the knot had then become a distant memory. Wifely duties, motherly duties, and teaching duties added into the knot becoming even more of a distant memory.

   However, something was going on with my body. There were other signs such as my hair texture had changed, I began to be extremely tired, and my appetite had changed. These signs were trying  to tell me that my body was fighting a battle that I knew nothing about because I had put the thought of the knot being an indicator that something was wrong on the backburner. The God we serve is so gracious, merciful, and loving. God made sure that the battle that my body was fighting did not become more than I could bare without even knowing. 

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